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a. How many moles of chlorine gas can be produced if 4 moles of FeCl3 react with 4 moles of O2? SHOW ALL WORK! b. What is the limiting reactant? c. What is the excess reactant? 2. Use the following BALANCED equation. 2 C2H6 + 7 O2 → 4 CO2 + 6 H2O a. If 15 g of C2H6 react with 45 g of O2, how many grams of  ...

Mar 21, 2016 ... Limiting Reactants Worksheet from Packet 803 on page 8-36. The worksheet covers limiting reactants and excess reactants.


Limiting Reactants. Chem Worksheet 12-3. Example. What mass of iron (II) sulfide will be produced if 9.68 g of iron reacts with 6.28 g of sulfur? __Fe + __S → __FeS. - balance the equation. 1 Fe + 1 S → 1 FeS. - perform a calculation for each reactant: FeS g. 15.24. FeS mol 1. FeS g. 87.91. Fe mol 1. FeS mol 1. Fe g. 55.85.


Limiting Reactants Worksheet. At this point, you should complete the Limiting Reactants worksheet to give yourself more practice in solving this type of problem . If 1.00 g Al(OH)3(aq) (aluminum hydroxide) reacts with 3.00 g of H2SO4(aq) ( sulfuric acid) what is the mass of water produced? ____Al(OH)3(aq) + ...


a. How much mass of the excess reactant remains after reaction ceases? b. What is the theoretical yield of H2SiF6 in grams? c. What is the percent yield? Solution to a: 1) Must determine limiting reagent first (even is it not asked for in the question):. SiO2 ⇒ 35.5 g / 60.084 g/mol = 0.59084 mol. HF ⇒ 66.5 g / 20.0059 g /mol ...


Enhance your understanding of limiting reactants and excess reactants with the help of our quiz. The quiz will give you instant results. You can...


Student Handout. 803C: Problem Set 2 · 803C: Stoichiometry Problems With A Twist Worksheet · 803C: Notes · 803C: Limiting Reactants Worksheet · 803C: Unit 8 Review · 803C: Problem Set 1 · 803C: Limiting Reactants Activity Lab · 803C: Lab ...


This worksheet provides ten examples for students to work through the processes of determining the limiting reactant, theoretical yield, and/or the percent yield of a reaction. A complete answer key is provided at the end. This worksheet can be used in any Chemistry class, regardless of the students' ability level.


May 10, 2017 ... Percent yield, limiting reactants and excess reactants worksheet and answers will help and challenge students to gain a better understanding of the topic.