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In grammar, a conjunction (abbreviated CONJ or CNJ) is a part of speech that connects words, ..... External links[edit]. Wiktionary lists of conjunctions by language ...


A List of Conjunctions — Explains all three types of conjunctions with examples on how to use them in writing.


List of Conjunctions. Quick Refresher: Conjunctions are words that join two or more words, phrases, or clauses. Coordinating Conjunctions. Example: cookies ...


This list of conjunctions gives you examples of the three types of conjunctions. Learn through examples!


There are three types of conjunctions: Coordinating, Subordinating and ... The chart shown here is a list of some of the most commonly used conjunctions.


And, but, for, nor, or, so, and yet—these are the seven coordinating conjunctions. To remember all seven, you might want to learn one of these acronyms: ...


There are 50 Conjunctions in this list. Some of these conjunctions can be used as other parts of speech. Refer to dictionaries for precise meaning and usage.


A LIST OF CONJUNCTIONS. Coordinating Conjunctions (there are seven):. And Or But Nor So For Yet. Subordinating Conjunctions (these are only a few):. After.


Subordinating Conjunctions There are many subordinating conjunctions. This list does not include all of them. Example : I will eat broccoli after I eat this cookie.