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Amy Dumas better known as Lita, is an American professional wrestler, and singer most recently signed with WWE as an analyst. She performed as a wrestler with WWE from 2000 to 2006, and has since made part-time appearances with the company. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014. After briefly ...

Nov 3, 2013 ... It's the most unholy weddings in WWE history when Kane forces Lita to marry him .
Nov 24, 2015 ... Kane Refusses To Let Lita Marry Edge (Edge & Lita's Wedding) ~ WWE ... WHAT THE HECK KANE why the heck would you do that to a poor elder man I know wrestling is not real but I'm really hoping that this is fake too sweet man and I'm saying that about the man you could of killed what is wrong with you ...
Nov 17, 2015 ... Daliymotion: http://dai.ly/x3e9q6m.


Apr 27, 2014 ... Watch the video «Kane and Lita's Wedding, Featuring Trish in Lingerie» uploaded by Injustice45 on Dailymotion.


Jun 12, 2012 ... In 2004, Kane began a bizarre relationship with Lita that took The Devil's Favorite Demon all the way to the altar of holy matrimony when he defeated Matt Hardy in a “Till Death Do Us Part” Match for the right to marry Lita. In what J.R. dubbed “the wedding from hell,” Lita said her vows to The Big Red ...


Aug 23, 2004 ... When Kane gets to marry Lita, the wedding is filled with fire, broken tables, and Matt Hardy.


Mar 18, 2017 ... The fans turned on Lita and WWE had to do something since the fans were booing the "good guy" Lita. During a match between Edge and Kane, Lita turned on Kane. A few weeks later, she threw her wedding ring down the toilet. Edge and Lita's marriage ceremony was broken up by Kane who was hiding ...


Jun 3, 2016 ... Nary a year goes by without a wedding taking place in a wrestling ring. This year, Bully Ray tried to tie the knot with Brooke Hogan. Last year, it was Daniel Bryan being jilted at the altar by AJ Lee. Wrestling weddings are so commonplace and so consistently wacky that, frankly, about the only thing you ...