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This is freaky. I went out with a really nice Mexican guy last night, I noticed that he had one long pinky finger nail. When I asked him why, he said it was to pick his nose more easily. Is this true, cuz it grossed me out. I didn't believe him. But it kind of freaked me out. Any "logical or reasonable" ideas?


Why do some people have that one extra-long fingernail on the pinkie finger? April 28, 2006. Dear Cecil: For decades I've wondered, and assuming the answer would be highly personal, have failed to ask: what's the deal with the extra-long pinkie fingernail on people from the Orient (Middle East, India, Southeast Asia)?.


Feb 21, 2011 ... Long pinky fingernails on men In My Humble Opinion (IMHO)


Originally Answered: Why do a lot of young Asian men grow their pinky fingernails particularly long? I am Asian and living in an Asian country, and I can confidently claim that this is not a practice in the entire Asia. Having said that, I saw that there are Malaysians who are ethnically Chinese who practice this, so you are most ...


Dec 17, 2007 ... One of the things that I've always wondered about, or at least, bugged the hell out of me is seeing Asian guys with one long pinkie fingernail. My first boyfriend had it, and he claimed that when he was having sex with women that he would use it on them. Granted, we were both under 18 at the time, and I ...


never understood WHY men grow long nail on the little finger! I saw it on real people many times, but there are things that are somehow inappropriate to ask and talk in our civilized s.


A super long pinkie nail. Derived from the term used by druggies to sniff coke.


Aug 23, 2012 ... Okay, now that you've noticed, we might as well discuss this thing. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about; you looked right at it and cringed. My long pinky fingernail, that's what! I was trying to keep it hidden, tucked into my palm, as I always do when I'm in the presence of people who cut all their ...


May 19, 2016 ... And, quite understandably, the little finger nail tends to be the one that's grown out for practical purposes - being the least used finger. Source: Forum Interia. Long nails, especially when they are clean and unchipped, point to a man belonging to a socially superior community - much like in other parts of ...