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Loren Janes (October 1, 1931 – June 24, 2017) was an American stuntman, notable for his work in Hollywood films, particularly those starring Steve McQueen, including Bullitt, Nevada Smith, and The Hunter. He also co-founded the Stuntmen's Association of Motion Pictures in 1961. In 1956, he was the first civilian to enter ...


One of the key figures in the development of modern cinematic stunt design, improved safety procedures and co-founder of the Stuntmen's Association of Motion Pictures & Televsion, Loren Janes ranks alongside Dar Robinson, Hal Needham and Yakima Canutt for his contributions to movie stunt work. James has lent his ...


Jun 30, 2017 ... In a career that spanned decades, Loren Janes was the body double for everyone from Kirk Douglas to Shirley MacLaine.

Jan 20, 2015 ... Western Stuntman Loren Janes on Today's Wild West.


Jun 26, 2017 ... Legendary stuntman and stunt coordinator Loren Janes, who doubled for Steve McQueen for the actor's entire career, as well as for Paul Newman, Jack Nicholson, and even Debbie Reynolds, died Saturday at the age of 85, according to his family.


The official site for Loren Janes - Hollywood stuntman icon. Now offering lectures and a Behind-the-Scenes look at classic film stunts.


The Lone Pine Community has lost a great friend in the passing of Loren Janes. Great action movies require great stunt men and women. We were very lucky to have one of those legends in our community. Loren supported the Lone Pine Film Festival since it's inception in 1989 attending for over 25 years until recent health ...


Jul 2, 2017 ... In film after film, Loren Janes leapt from speeding trains, jumped from towering cliffs and roared through city streets in gravity-defying car chases. That's him flying headlong into a saguaro cactus in “How the West Was Won.” That's him tumbling down a staircase alongside a drunken John Wayne in ...


Jul 7, 2017 ... The Hollywood stuntman and stunt coordinator was known for the hazardous scenes he performed in, playing the part of famous celebrities in car chases, fight scenes and high jumps. After attending California State San Luis Obispo, Janes was in the Marine Corps during the Korean War. Janes' endurance ...