The Louisiana Purchase was the acquisition of the Louisiana territory by the United States from France in 1803. The U.S. paid fifty million francs ($11,250,000 ) ...


The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 brought into the United States about 828000000 square miles of territory from France, thereby doubling the size of the young.


The Louisiana Purchase (1803) was a land deal between the United States and France, in which the U.S. acquired approximately 827,000 square miles of land ...


The Louisiana Purchase encompassed 530,000,000 acres of territory in North America that the United States purchased from France in 1803 for $15 million.


Oct 26, 2018 ... Louisiana Purchase, western half of the Mississippi River basin purchased in 1803 from France by the United States; at less than three cents ...


Kids learn about the Louisiana Purchase. When President Thomas Jefferson bought land west of the Mississippi from the French.


A Web guide to resources at the Library of Congress, as well as selected external Web sites, on the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, considered to be the greatest real ...


Facts, information and articles about the Louisiana Purchase, an event of Westward Expansion from the Wild West Louisiana Purchase Facts Date July 4, 1803.


When Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory from France, he altered the shape of a nation and the course of history.