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Is your relationship with your crush pure love, love-hate, or total hatred?


Dec 8, 2017 ... Find out if your crush loves you, likes you, is just a friend, or hates you!


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Love & Friendship Anime & Manga June 29, 2016. This quiz will finally truthfully show who belongs to you. These questions are not obvious, and you must be truthful to find out who loves you/ who would be the best fit. If you see anyone in the comment section that has your man, then I give full rights to fight over him in the ...


Feb 24, 2015 ... It's unbelievable what the things you hate reveal about you!


Take this quiz! is there ever a time when he stops toruring you ? do you ever think about him? has he ever let slip any indication that he doesn't exactly HATE you? if he asked you out you would.... what do you think? did answer any of these question fasley so you could get the answer you wanted?


You're picking out a Valentine's Day card. What kind of message do you choose? Funny and lighthearted; Romantic and passionate; Caring and thoughtful; I'll buy a blank card and write something personal; Dumb, like this quiz! Question 2/10 ...


Ever since Orlando Bloom's tussle with the Biebz, many celebrities have taken to Twitter to voice their approval of his attempted KO. But all the True Beliebers out there have ALWAYS got JB's back. Where do you stand in this mess? Take the quiz and find out!


Once or twise. Once but it was an acsident! Never. 10. Does this person like you? yes. no. 11. Has this person ever hert you? They do all the time. Once or twise. Once but by acsident, I think. Never. 12. Have you ever loved or hated someone befor? I love so many people! I hate so many people! I have loved once or twise.