Ludwig v. Massachusetts, 427 U.S. 618 (1976), was a case in which the Supreme Court of the ... In determining the scope of that right in state proceedings, the Court stated that the “Fourteenth Amendment .... Washington (1978); Oregon v.


Oregon v. Kennedy, 456 U.S. 667 (1982), was a United States Supreme Court decision dealing ... During the first trial, the State of Oregon called as a witness an expert on Middle Eastern rugs who could testify as to ... Wilson (1975); Ludwig v.


Ludwig v. Massachusetts, 427 U.S. 618 (1976). Ludwig v. Massachusetts. No. ... Moreover, if an accused is indigent, the State is required to furnish him counsel ...


Jun 1, 2012 ... Ludwig v. ... The ALJ informed Ludwig's counsel of the contact, but refused to entirely disregard the communication or ... Salem Oregon 97301.


Muller v. State of Oregon, U.S. Supreme Court case decided in 1908 that, although it appeared to promote the health and welfare of female workers, in fact led to ...


Oct 5, 2005 ... In 1994 Oregon enacted the Death with Dignity Act, the first state law authorizing physicians to prescribe lethal doses of controlled substances ...


“In Oregon,” says Portland criminal defense lawyer Lisa J. Ludwig, “it's not really organized around a location so much ... Thanks to the 2007 State of Oregon v.


Now entering its 122nd season, the Oregon Symphony is the oldest orchestra west of the Mississippi. PROGRAM Markus Stenz, conductor Ludwig v.


Ludwig v. Zidell, 1941, 167 Or. 488, 496-500, 118 P.2d 1073, 1077; Smith v. ... Action by Antone Aune against the Oregon Trunk Railway and another. From a ... to the amended complaint upon the ground that it failed to state a cause of action.