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The ideal G–M tube should produce a single pulse for every single ionising event due to radiation. It should not give spurious pulses, and should recover quickly to the passive state, ready for the next radiation event. However, when positive argon ions reach the cathode and ...


It was not until 1928 that Geiger and Walther Müller (a PhD student of Geiger) developed the sealed Geiger-Müller tube which developed the basic ionization principles previously used experimentally. This was relatively small and rugged, and could not only detect alpha and beta radiation such as prior models but also  ...


Scratchbuilt styrene, 1/160 (N) scale, of Motor/Vessel GINGER CRONIN, which operates on the Ohio River, mostly pushing coal barges. The Cronin was built in 1993, is 120'x33.5', and is owned by Crounse Corporation. She was recently renamed GINGER MOLLER, after her namesake married. Scratchbuilt, styrene, 1/ 87 ...


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Dec 31, 2015 ... The objective of this study was to examine the effect of ginger extract (GE) combined with citric acid on the tenderness of duck breast muscles. Total six marinades were prepared with the combination of citric acid (0 and 0.3 M citric acid) and GE (0, 15, and 30%). Each marinade was sprayed on the surface ...


Dec 4, 2015 ... This study aims to describe a new SPP mechanism from a wild ginger (Zingiber densissimum, Zingiberaceae) and explore how the pollen arrangement of SPP affects pollen removal during the ... Theilade I, Mærsk-Møller M, Theilade J, Larsen K. Pollen morphology and structure of Zingiber (Zingiberaceae).


Oct 17, 2015 ... He'd always loved photography, music, animation and films and so, it wasn't a surprise that after joining the Navy and backpacking around the world, David Miller settled into the world of storytelling. Miller had big ideas and big dreams. It seemed like next year would've been another huge leap in that ...


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