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M-Buck Studio is a Grand Rapids Michigan who travels all over Michigan and surrounding areas for photo shoots. We love to do Aerial photos as well as portraits and commercial and catalog work.


Modern American classics.


Dr. Germaine M. Buck Louis is an internationally recognized reproductive and perinatal epidemiologist whose expertise focuses on the impact of environmental influences on human fecundity and fertility. Her research has addressed a mixture of environmental exposures, including endocrine disruptors, stress, diet, and ...


Agitation-induced aggregation and subvisible particulate formation in model proteins. M Jayaraman, PM Buck, AA Ignatius, KR King, W Wang. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics 87 (2), 299-309, 2014. 12, 2014 . Consequences of glycan truncation on Fc structural integrity. PM Buck, S Kumar, SK ...


S Shi, TM Buck, CL Kinlough, AL Marciszyn, RP Hughey, M Chalfie, ... Journal of Biological Chemistry 292 (38), 15927-15938, 2017. 2017. Identification of Paraoxonase-2 as a Novel Modulator of the Epithelial Na+ Channel. S Shi, TM Buck, CL Kinlough, AL Marciszyn, M Chalfie, JL Brodsky, ... The FASEB Journal 30 (1 ...


Buck Dixon is an Associate in the Environmental and Natural Resources Section. Buck's practice focuses on advising clients with respect to regulatory...


Richard Buck. Richard M. Buck Ph.D. Chair, Associate Professor. Philosophy Department. Bradley Administration, Room 303. 301-447-5368. buck@msmary. edu. Download vCard ... "The Challenge of Religious Liberty," in Love and Justice in the Catholic Tradition: Sources and Issues, Ed. David M. McCarthy ( Brazos Press)


Erik M. Buck founded EMB & Associates, Inc. in 1993 and built the company into a leader in the aerospace and entertainment software industries by leveraging the NeXT/Apple software technology that would later become Apple's Cocoa frameworks. Mr. Buck has also worked in construction, taught science to 8th graders, ...


Germaine M. Buck Louis, Ph.D., M.S.. Division of Intramural Population Health Research. Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development. 6100 Executive Blvd., Room B703. Rockville, MD 20852. 301- 496 - 1711 or 496-6155. 301- 402- 2084 (fax) louisg@mail.nih.gov. EDUCATION.