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Turner's proposal would have eliminated the requirement that an individual serve ... available to the Board or to its members sued in their official capacity under ..... Marshall, 741 F.2d 301 (10th Cir.1984) (suing witness in individual capacity); ...


R.V. TURNER, individually in his former official capacity as Superintendent of Glades Correctional Institution, ... Defendant Turner is sued in his individual capacity as former superintendent of GCI. ... Marshall, 609 F.2d 152, 155 (5th Cir. 1980).


See text at note 20. ' The officer suit, or official capacity suit, must be distinguished from suits against of- ... lish law, which provided that no subject could sue the sovereign ..... The fiction invoked by Marshall was more than a mere plead- ... to ensure the protection of individual rights-most prominently rights of property-against.


Marshall S. Turner, et al., The Government Contractor Defense: When Are Manufacturers of Military .... the grant of immunity for persons sued in their individual.


Oct 15, 2011 ... individual for acts taken in his official capacity.”15 .... In an opinion by Chief Justice John Marshall, the Court noted that “[t]he jurisdiction of the nation .... refused to grant immunity to a Spanish official sued for breach of contract with .... Catherine Turner, Human Rights and the Empire of (International) Law,.


RUSTY TURNER, in his official capacity ) as the District ... Circuit Court. She is sued in her official capacity. ... If a person can pay the amount required, the individual is released from jail immediately. ..... Randall C. Marshall (ASB-3023- A56M).


Act) is the state mechanism that provides an individual a means to redress ..... E.g., Turner v. .... Marshall, the Arkansas Supreme Court addressed claims ..... Romine explicitly claimed she was suing Jurgens in his official capacity, it appears ...


Aug 19, 2003 ... the state and capable of suing or being sued, and the constituent territories of a .... his official capacity, he should in law be identified with the German. Federal .... Turner, 21 I.L.R.. 103 (Sup. .... Marshall, 530 F. Supp. 351, 371 ...


SECTION 1983: BASIC PRINCIPLES, INDIVIDUAL AND. ENTITY ... Official Capacity Suits . .... Turner, 490 F.3d 810, 814(10th Cir.2007) (“Of course a ' violation of state law cannot give rise to a claim under Section 1983.' Marshall v. ..... private prison-management corporations and their employees may be sued under §.