How is Country EstateĀ® polyvinyl fencing different from other PVC fencing? ... All Country Estate Fence Products manufactured by Nebraska Plastics, Inc.


Nebraska Plastics, Inc. ("Nebraska Plastics") warrants all PVC products it manufactures to be free from defective raw materials and manufacturing defects for the ...


Country Estate installation practices and recommendations do not purport to address all of the safety concerns and/or local code requirements, associated with ...


Many are aware of the natural advantages of Country Estate products that include ... Country Estate Fence, Deck and Rail utilize only the finest ingredients resulting in a ... Write to Nebraska Plastics, Inc. P.O. Box 45 Cozad, Nebraska 69130 U.S.A. or click here to e-mail. ... Copyright Nebraska Plastics, Inc. All rights reserved.


The satisfaction of Country Estate Fence owners, all across the United States and in foreign countries, means more to Nebraska Plastics, Inc. than maximizing ...