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Brickman played a significant role as an expert witness in a controversial 2013 case in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of North Carolina, In Re Garlock Sealing Technologies, LLC., et al., debtor. Counsel for Garlock, Garland Cassada of the Charlotte NC law firm Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson, ...


FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF NORTH CAROLINA. Charlotte Division. IN RE: GARLOCK SEALING TECHNOLOGIES. LLC, et al.,. Debtors. 1. Case No. ... 1 The Debtors include Garlock Sealing Technologies LLC, Garrison Litigation Management Group, Ltd. and The. Anchor Packing Company. {00180129 v 1}. 1.


The trial of this action was consolidated with two other actions, Karl Fersch and Anna Fersch v Amchem Products, Inc., et al., Index No. ...... (See Castrichini v Rivera, 175 Misc 2d 530 [Sup Ct, Monroe County 1997] [peer review of expert's articles relevant to reliability of opinion but does not indicate general acceptance in ...


CORPORATION. Third Judicial Circuit Court,. Madison County, Illinois. 05-L- 1275. Pending. Ambrocia C. Valencia v. Garlock Sealing Technologies,. Inc. et al. including Southwestern Refining Company,. Inc. a/k/a KERR-MCGEE CORPORATION and KERR-. MCGEE REFINING CORPORATION. 28th Judicial District Court,.


PAS HAIAN ETAL ROTARY FILTER AND METHOD 9 Sheets-Sheet 4 Filed June 4, 1962 s w n o E S ATTORNEYS March 22, 1966 S. PASHAIAN ETAL' ... 3,241,675 RUTARY FILTER AND METHGD Sarlr Pashaian, Monroe, and Herbert R. Damerau, East Detroit, Mich, assignors to Ajern Laboratories, inc, Livonia, Mich.


Margaret A. Sheehy et al., Appellants, v. Big Flats Community Day, Inc., et al.,. Defendants, and American Legion Ernest Skinner Memorial Post 1612, Respondent. [NO NUMBER IN ORIGINAL]. Court of Appeals of New York. 73 N.Y. 2d 629; 541 N.E.2d 18; 543 N.Y.S.2d 18; 1989 N.Y. LEXIS 664. April 25, 1989, Argued.


Respondent's · Appellants. 63006-7 - General Teamsters Local #174, et al., Apps . vs. Safeway, Inc., Resp ... 63379-1 - Mary Byrd, Res. v. Barmor Temp., Inc., dba Barmore Personnel, et ano., App. Appellants .... 63091-1 - Canterbury Shores Apt . Owners Association et al, Appellant v. Alan Naness, Respondent. Respondents  ...


Monroe County Tuberculosis Hospital, Rochester, Monroe County. ... G. E. Lochner, J. O. Kiernan, A.L. Madden: Assts.: W. J. Fitzgerald, J. L. Lochner: RHINO. ..... L. Levyn: Asso.: A. N. Bodenbender; ORTH.: H. B. Johnson; OPHTH.: T. LeWin; Assos.: J. A. Schutz, A. L. Bennett; CARDIOL.: C. Kummer: PATH.: E. T. Mueller.


A consultant report published by Cogstone Resource Management Inc. for the subject project. (2009) included aerial ... only a few open areas remaining (Delhi Park, Monroe Elementary. School sites; or .... et. al., 2003), with the upper several tens of feet associated with recent (Holocene age) alluvial sedimentation from the  ...