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MORAD GHODOOSHIM, Individually and on. Behalf of All Other Persons Similarly Situated,. Plaintiff(s),. V. QIAO XING MOBILE COMMUNICATION. COMPANY, LTD., ZHI YANG WU, RUT LIN. WU, DAVID LI, and KOK SEONG TAN,. No. 12 Civ. 9264 (JSR). ECF Case. CLASS CERTIFICATION AND. DEFAULT JUDGMENT.


Full Time Counseling Faculty. Iris Bishop. Arelia Dalton. Dr. Christopher Hawkins. Dr. Wei Huang. Kevin Kuntz. Samantha Posey. Dr. Cassandra Williams. Part Time Counseling Faculty. Johanna Bacik. Vincent DiMaria. Enid German. Dr. Morad Ghodooshim. Dr. Jacquelyn Jefferson. Matthew Kasl.


... means this firm changes the shareowners, its tax obligation and benefit including the offseting tax with negative retained earning are not effected by you or any one who buy the share. I think yes, if the firm is legally in using its negative retained earnings to offset its future profits. I hope that help. Canh. Morad Ghodooshim.


Sep 3, 2012 ... ... availnd able in both Humanities and Science and Technology Buildings, as well as in the counseling center, Administration 209. lI. Counselors are continuing to seek ways of extending and improving 11\ services to all students in the college community. m路. Mr. Morad Ghodooshim. Dr. Herbert E. Agnor.


Cuyahoga Community College. Coleen Roy. Cuyahoga Community College. Morad Ghodooshim. Cuyahoga Community College. Following. View All. Melissa Coleman. Cuyahoga Community College. Catherine Konopka. Cuyahoga Community College. Donna Homenko. Cuyahoga Community College. Valerie Walker.


Jul 27, 1980 ... MORAD GHODOOSHIM. Miami, Florida. Jacksonville, Florida. Chesterland, Ohio. April 21, 1980. February 18, 1980. September 17,1979. JACQUELINE BONICA. ANNE B. DEGERSTROM. TERRENCE A. GOMES. Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Niles, l11inois. New Bedford, Massachusetts. December 17,1979.


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Ghoddoussi, Ghodooshim, Ghodrat, Ghods, Ghodsi, Gholamali, Gholamalipour, Gholami, Gholami Mehrabadi, Gholami Shahbandi, Gholampour, ... Moosavy, Morad, Moradalizadeh, Moradi, Moradi Bidhendi, Moradi Gharehtapeh, Moradi Nargesi, Moradnouri, Moravvej Hamedani, Moridzadeh, Morris, Morshed, Mortazavi, ...