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Magnetic declination or variation is the angle on the horizontal plane between magnetic north ... area (western end of Long Island Sound), below, surveyed 124 years apart. The 1884 chart shows a variation of 8 degrees, 20 minutes West.


Magnetic declination (variation) calculator based on the IGRF magnetic field model. Estimates magnetic delination world-wide from 1900 - present.


Declination results are typically accurate to 30 minutes of arc, but environmental factors can cause magnetic field disturbances. The calculator provides an easy ...


NOAA has updated the magnetic calculator(s). The older style calculators will continue to be available for a limited time through the CIRES Geomagnetism site.


Feb 24, 2017 ... This calculator may be used to calculate the magnetic declination for a specified location and date based on the International Geomagnetic ...


Find your location or click on the map to display your magnetic declination, Browse countries What is Magnetic Declination?


Feb 24, 2017 ... Information on magnetic declination. ... Halley map of atlantic ocean with magnetic declination contour lines. Halley map. The secular variation ...


Mar 20, 2017 ... Learn what declination is and how to adjust it on a compass. ... a map pointing to the difference between magnetic north and true north.


Magnetic declination adjustment values are easy to determine with these helpful map charts and page links.