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Benedix G. K., Bland P. A., Friedrich J. M., Mittlefehldt D. W., Sanborn M. E., Yin Q .-Y., Greenwood R. C., Franchi I. A., Bevan A. W. R., Towner M. C., Perrotta G. C., Mertzman S. A. (2017) Bunburra Rockhole: Exploring the geology of a new differentiated asteroid. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 208, 145-159. doi: ...


Oct 13, 2014 ... 2001; Moynier et al. 2007; Yin et al. 2007). Excess or deficit of 53Cr, and 54Cr in particular (generally referred to as isotopic anomalies), could also be due .... To purify Cr from residual matrix elements such as Na, Ti, and V, the third column chemistry was processed using AG50W-X8 200–400 mesh cation ...


etal. 2014; Benedix etal. 2014; Kita etal. 2014;. Sanborn and Yin 2014). The step- wise dissolution of carbonaceous chondrites is known to exhibit large deficits and excesses in 54Cr .... matrix elements such as Na, Ti, and V, the third column chemistry ..... I. A., Bevan A. W. R., Towner M. C., and Perotta G. C.. 2014. Bunburra ...


Jun 21, 2011 ... In general, et al. is best reserved for citations and other parenthetical remarks in academic or other types of formal writing. It can sound ... The issue of whether to place a comma before et al. is complicated, but you'll be fine if you treat it as you would the words and others. ... Program vs. programme. Next.


Jul 8, 2011 ... I would say there is a definite distinction between the two, in definition and in proper usage. Et cetera, often shortened to etc., means literally 'and the rest'. Et alii, often shortened to et al., means 'and others' and can be thought of as a specific case of et cetera when the 'rest' refers to a list of persons.