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May 14, 2014 ... In the past year, their company Malibu Media LLC has filed more than thirteen hundred copyright-infringement lawsuits—more of these cases than anyone else, accounting for a third of all U.S. copyright litigation during that time, according to the federal-litigation database Pacer—against people that they ...


If you've received a Malibu Media, LLC Subpoena or were served a Summons, don't panic. We will help you solve this. Learn the facts and speak for free, confidentially, with our experienced attorneys at 312-201-8310 or click here.


I have added this page for internet users who have been entangled in the Malibu Media, LLC (“X-Art”) cases. Malibu Media, LLC is an adult film / pornographic film producer, and they sue individual John Doe Defendants for the bittorrent download of “siterips” based on their demographics in federal courts across the US.


May 15, 2017 ... Yes, we keep seeing Judge William Alsup appear on these pages, as he keeps getting high profile tech related cases. And, while we don't always agree with his decisions, I don't think that anyone can argue that he isn't careful and thorough in making sure he understands the technology involved in these ...


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Malpractice insurer alleges that Lipscomb lied on the application, sues to rescind the coverage. Keith Lipscomb/Malibu Media breakup brings more and more interesting tidbits. Yesterday it came to my attention that Markel Insurance Company (MIC), a malpractice insurer for Lipscomb, Eisenberg and Baker (LEB), …


Dec 11, 2017 ... MALIBU MEDIA LLC Suing for movies being streamed or downloaded. Defend yourself from ISP Subpoena or Summons. Free consultation 312-201-8310.


Feb 13, 2017 ... While Malibu Media LLC had sued internet users in Michigan heavily in 2012- 2015 suing approximately 389 people then, it ceased filing cases at all in Michigan during 2016. Then on February 9, 2017 through new attorneys it filed 2 new lawsuits against internet users. And on February 11th and 12th, ...