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History reveals several explanations for the discovery of maple syrup. The most widely accepted story is that of how a family squabble turned into an important ...


Apr 26, 2012 ... Let's say it's 1880 and your in-laws are in town. They want to "see the real New York." So what do you do with them? How about a tour of ...


Mar 2, 2010 ... Syrup is classified by letter grades—A, B and C, with several subcategories in between—from lightest to darkest.


Jun 7, 2014 ... Hi everyone, Andrew here with another food history post. I'm originally from Upstate New York, where maple syrup is kind of a big deal.


Feb 17, 2013 ... Tapping into the history of maple syrup. Sweet, hearty, a product of winter, and prone to sticking to things, while these words call be used to ...


A family of Attikamek First Nations show a French Canadian family how to harvest the syrup of the sugar maple (1710). For more information about maple syrup ...


After learning that we had inherited equipment to make maple syrup, we frantically studied how to do it. We met with a local welder who converted an old ...


Previously, Donald's father Jim Howles made maple syrup in Venango Pennsylvania, only 12 miles from the current location. He learned to make ... Our History.


Use #MapleSyrupDay to post on social media. HISTORY. National Day Calendar has not been able to determine the origin of National Maple Syrup Day.