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[R v Kovacs [2007] QCA 143 [2] ('Kovacs')] Subsequently, Mr Kovacs (an Australian .... [Melynda H Barnhart, 'Sex and Slavery: An Analysis of Three Models of State ... [Peter Martinelli, 'Couple to face charge of slavery', Cairns Post (Cairns), ...


United States of America, Appellee-cross-appellant, v. .... Jeff Gayton, Jimmy Leon, Also Known As Jimmy Dale, Kevin Martinelli, Lamontparks, Also Known As Otis ...... Jo Anne B. Barnhart, Commissioner of Social Security, Defendant- appellee


Nat. Farmers Un. Prop. & Cas. v. DENVER DC - 718 P.2d 1044. ... Pryor, Carney and Johnson, P.C., W. Randolph Barnhart, John L. Wheeler, Englewood, .... reviewed the documents in camera following the procedure set forth in Martinelli v.


Sep 25, 2003 ... Martinelli, Peter J., Office of Hearings and Appeals, Social Security Adminis- tration, letter . ..... Barnhart, we look forward to hearing from our other distinguished ...... curity hearing system in the case of Richardson v. Perales ...


Mar 8, 2004 ... Factor V Leiden ( ... Martinelli ISacchi ELandi GTaioli EDuca FMannucci PM High risk of cerebral-vein thrombosis in carriers of a ...


Aug 4, 2016 ... Journal List · Front Plant Sci · v.7; 2016; PMC4973397 ... Hugh A. Young, Joseph M. Sturino, Yaowei Kang, D. M. Barnhart, and Matthew V. DiLeo ...... Agents of Phytonematodes, eds Askary T. H., Martinelli P. R. P., editors.


Having at least one thrombophilia, mutation of factor V Leiden and ..... Martinelli I, Taioli E, Ragni G, Levi-Setti P, Passamonti SM, Battaglioli T, Lodigiani C, Mannucci PM. ... Kovalevsky G, Gracia CR, Berlin JA, Sammel MD, Barnhart KT.


May 26, 2016 ... V. President's Report ...... Million-dollar donor Al Martinelli shared his ..... Security team members Todd Schwanke, Jessica Barnhart and Erick ...


Kurt Barnhart ... Factor V Leiden mutation prevalence was very low (1.6%) and had a preliminarily positive association with pregnancy, suggesting that routine ...