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friend Mary Ann Becker,. JULIE MARIE PAULSON, by her parents and next friends. Paul and Susan Paulson, and. SUSAN MARIE THOMPSON, by her mother and next friend. Barbara Thompson, on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated,. Plaintiffs, v . HISSOM MEMORIAL CENTER, and. GEORGE NIGH, in ...


Similar statutes are in existence in a majority of the States. 2 [410 U.S. 113, 119]. Texas first enacted a criminal abortion statute in 1854. Texas Laws 1854, c. 49, 1, set forth in ... her complaint Roe purported to sue "on behalf of herself and all other women" similarly situated. .... Princess Anne, 393 U.S. 175, 178 -179 (1968 );.


Jul 28, 2014 ... JOANNE HARRIS; JESSICA DUFF; CHRISTY BERGHOFF; VICTORIA. KIDD, on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated,. Intervenors, v. GEORGE E. ... VIVIAN HAMILTON, Professor of Law, William and Mary;. MEREDITH ..... Indiana; Luther Strange, Attorney General, OFFICE OF THE.


sue "on behalf of herself and all other women" similarly situated. James Hubert Hallford, a licensed ... John and Mary Doe,5 a married couple, filed a companion complaint to that of Roe. They also named the District Attorney as ... behalf of themselves and all couples similarly situated." The two actions were consolidated and ...


Dec 15, 2014 ... W.M.C., C.M.A.C., G.A.P.C., G.C.R., and J.A.R. hereby move, on behalf of themselves and a class of similarly ...... that Plaintiffs and others similarly situated pose greater risks of flight risk or danger to the community. ...... 1985 - 1987. Ann Arbor Emergency Shelter for the Homeless, Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Free Database of 1996 US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit Case Law, Court Opinions & Decisions from Justia. ... Damon Strange, Plaintiff-appellant, v. .... Jane L., on Behalf of Herself and All Others Similarlysituated; Utah Women's Clinic, P.c.; Planned Parenthoodassociation of Utah; David Hansen, M.d.; Madhuri ...


May 19, 2017 ... MATLIN, AND TUNG NGUYEN, individually and on behalf of those similarly situated,. Plaintiffs, vs. NISSAN NORTH AMERICA, INC.,. Defendant. .... Mary V. Olszewska, an attorney at Weil Quaranta, P.A.. 8. ...... Court on behalf of themselves and all current and former owners of 2013-2014 Nissan Pathfinder.


At first, they made no charges against any person, but confined themselves to strange actions, exclamations, and contortions. They would ... As at several other times, the people sitting near Ann Putnam had to lay hold of her to prevent her proceeding to greater extremities, and wholly breaking up the meeting. The girls were ...


The Strange World of American Sound Recordings, How it Came About, and Why it. Will Never Go Away .... provided under the Statute of Anne cut off these common-law copyrights, limiting the author's remedies to ...... However, because sound recordings (or any other similarly situated work) were still. “writings,” they still fell ...