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Recent functional neuroimaging studies have also implicated the right IPL in self- face recognition (Uddin et al., 2005b; Sugiura et al., 2005; Platek et al., 2006).


Jun 27, 2016 ... Alexiou et al. showed that magnetically targeted drug delivery can completely reduce the tumor in rabbits without any side effects. Furthermore ...


Md. Nazim Uddin et al. International Journal of Food Properties. Published online : 6 Jul 2015. Article. Functional and Structural Properties of Corn, Potato, and ...


Feb 12, 2010 ... Address correspondence to Lucina Q. Uddin, 780 Welch Road, Room 201, ... ( Corbetta and Shulman 2002) to episodic memory (Cabeza et al.


Mohamed Al Gazzah (U. de Tunis) - Ressources genetiques et developpement: une nouvelle ... Soheila Amirsoleimani (U. of Michigan) - The Mints of Mas'ud of Ghazna ..... Gudrun Schubert (U. de Bale) - Die Korrespondenz zwischen Sadr ud-din-i .... Ayatallah Misbah Yazdi (Institute of Theology, Qum) - Mulla Sadra on.


Feb 10, 2012 ... c Misbah Uddin, February 9, 2016 ..... The vector space model was first introduced by Salton et al [18]. In a vector space ..... A mas- ter server also keeps track of servers that store tablets and their replica. The master server is ...


Jul 13, 2014 ... used to treat the case of arsenicosis (Ahmad et al., 1998). Ascorbic ... Misbahuddin, 2006), folic acid (Rahman and Misbah- uddin, 2010), alpha-lipoic acid (Tabassum, 2006), and selenium .... Rajapur and Masimpur village of ...


Oct 23, 2007 ... Brawijaya University in Malang and Hasanuddin University in Makassar.4 Later, it ... citizens in particular and Western people in general (Fananie et al, 2002). ... Keagamaan di Kampus Universitas Pajajaran”, Penamas: Jurnal ..... The criteria for the jilbab, according to T. Lembong Misbah, the head of.


Mu'amalat, according to Mohammad Khairi, et. al. .... Shaharuddin, Mohamed Sharif Bashir, Nor Haziah Hashim and Sanep ... Hamdi Hakem Mudasir, Hanim Misbah, Hanudin Amin, ... Masron, Wan Mansor Wan Mahmood, Wan Nursofiza.