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4.1 Introduction and synopsis of main findings4.2 Public participation, self-help and community help4.3 Bottom-up perspectives on how the system of representation could work4.4 Sympathy for protest and strike action4.5 The mass media, political awareness and amplification of people's voices.


Introduction. In a representative system of government, policy outcomes are affected by the political preferences and the beliefs of the voters. The media play a key role in ... on how the audience processes the information presented by the media. If ... on The Effects of Mass Media on Public Policy provided useful comments.


Nov 1, 2010 ... "Over time, television asserted itself as the dominant form of political communication — remaking our nation's politics in the process. ... course of a few generations. Focus was initially on personal grassroots activism, then on mass media, and is now returning to a one-on-one trust model for the digital age.


Keywords: political trust, attribute agenda-setting, attribute priming, media and democratization, Kosovo media. Introduction. This study aims to investigate the role of mass media in democratization processes in Kosovo, a post-conflict transitional society in Southeastern Europe, by examining media effects on citizens' ...


Influence of the Media on Public Opinion and Political Campaigns. Mass Media. Media is sometimes referred to as the 4th branch of the government because its role is to serve as the watchdog…watching over those who we elect to oversee our national and local governments on behalf of those they serve, the citizens.


media has influenced the political process and communication strategies in Malaysia and its impact on the ... political change. Keywords: political communication, Malaysia, Web 2.0, social media, democracy, campaign ... enables politicians to persuade sufficient numbers of passive mass-citizenry to vote for them, thus.


Elites within the industry accomplish their mission of political and social influence by utilizing the six political functions of mass media; news making, .... This research also will help further acknowledge the good and bad effects of press agentry within the political process, beginning with some of the earliest forms of politics.


Feb 26, 2013 ... Before the 20th century advances in mass-media technology (radio, TV, and internet), political campaigns spent most of their money buying food, drinks, .... If a politician is unwilling to “play ball” and court wealthy donors, they are not included in the political process and are unlikely to be able to compete on ...


This chapter summarizes the current state of our knowledge about the relationship between the mass media of communication and politics in representative democracies. It is an important topic for two reasons. One, the mass communications media are the connective tissue of democracy, in that they are the principal means ...