Mauritania is a country in Northwest Africa. It is the eleventh largest sovereign state in Africa and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Western Sahara  ...


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Mauritania: Mauritania: geographical and historical treatment of Mauritania, including maps, statistics, and a survey of its people, economy, and government.


Driving through the vast, sun-bleached landscape of Mauritania, you'd be forgiven for expecting to see a tricked-out post-apocalyptic hot rod from Mad Max: Fury ...


Jun 8, 2018 ... For all the government's denials, slavery persists in Mauritania. In a rare insight into the lives of the tens of thousands of people affected, ...


Islamic Republic of Mauritania facts - Official web sites, the capital of Mauritania, people, art, culture, history, cities, transport, embassies, tourist boards and ...


Feb 19, 2018 ... One of Africa's newest oil producers, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania bridges the Arab Maghreb and western sub-Saharan Africa.


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