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The case arose following the 2011 redistricting plan for the State of Wisconsin created by Republican legislators to maximize the likelihood that the Republicans would be able to secure additional seats in the State's Congress over the next few election cycles. The plan was challenged by Democratic citizens, claiming the ...


STATE OF WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATION, James R. Klauser, Lee Martinson, et al., Defendants-Appellees. ... Many such impairments are not in fact disabling but are believed to be so, and the people having them may be denied employment or otherwise shunned as a consequence. Such people ...


May 10, 2016 ... V. CITY OF NEW RICHMOND,. DEFENDANT-APPELLANT. Opinion Filed: May 10, 2016. Submitted on Briefs: February 16, 2016. Oral Argument: JUDGES: ... See WIS. STAT. § 808.10 and RULE 809.62. Appeal No. 2014AP1938. Cir. Ct. No. 2013CV163. STATE OF WISCONSIN. IN COURT OF APPEALS.


Jul 13, 2016 ... The concerns we address today may very well be alleviated in the future. It is incumbent upon the criminal justice system to recognize that in the coming months and years, additional research data will become available. Different and better tools. 7 Pamela M. Casey et al., National Center for State Courts.


Joseph P. Murr v. State of Wisconsin - 859 N.W.2d 628, 359 Wis. 2d 675.


Jul 27 2016, Reply of petitioners Joseph P. Murr, et al. filed. Oct 03 2016, Motion for divided argument filed by respondent St. Croix County GRANTED. Oct 03 2016, Motion for divided argument filed by respondent Wisconsin GRANTED. Oct 03 2016, Motion of the Solicitor General for enlargement of time for oral argument , ...


May 24 2017, Response to application (16A1149) requested by Justice Kagan, due Wednesday, June 7, 2017, by 11 a.m. ET. May 25 2017, Motion for leave to file amici brief in support of stay filed by Wisconsin State Senate, et al. Jun 07 2017, Response to application from respondent William Whitford, et al. filed.


Mar 20, 2017 ... Joseph P. Murr, et al. ... The ordinance further specified that if each lot is not at least one acre, the lots may be measured together to equal one acre. ... The Murrs sued the state and county and claimed the ordinance in question resulted in an uncompensated taking of their property and deprived them of “all, ...


Wisconsin v. Yoder (No. 70-110). Argued: December 8, 1971. Decided: May 15, 1972. ___. Syllabus; Opinion, Burger; Concurrence, Stewart; Concurrence, White ; Dissent, ... On petition of the State of Wisconsin, we granted the writ of certiorari in this case to review a decision of the Wisconsin Supreme Court holding that ...