Coy definition is - marked by cute, coquettish, or artful playfulness. How to use coy in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of coy.


Take the adjective coy for a person who pretends to be shy but really isn't, or someone who could give a definite answer but won't. Coy behavior can be playful ...


Coy definition, artfully or affectedly shy or reserved; slyly hesitant; coquettish. See more.


Definition of coy - (especially with reference to a woman) making a pretence of shyness or modesty which is intended to be alluring, reluctant to give.


Coy definition: A coy person is shy, or pretends to be shy, about love and sex . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


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Loading... Top definition. coyunknown ... She's delightfuly coy, unlike that loud skank at the bar. ... Handsome and strong, Coy is always kind, caring, and sweet.

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Top definition. playing coy ... "I was just playing coy earlier when I yelled at you to get back to work. I knew ... Get a playing coy mug for your bunkmate Nathalie.