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My Soulmate. Out of all the people in the world. Out of all the places. Somehow, something brought. The two of us together. At the right place. At the right time


This poem is about how 2 people who love each other influence each other ... We are meant to be together, but we're both to stubborn to give into it. Reply.


It reminds me of my ex-boyfriend Tyler. We broke up because he moved, and I had to move on, so I did. When he moved back he wanted to get back together.


Love Poems - We belong together by Dora. I trust you with my heart and everything I own Your heart and soul is where I ll always c...


We were meant to be / Baby, just you and me / Until the end of time / I'll be ... Published at the web's largest poetry site. ... Fate brought us together somehow


Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems - Not Meant To Be by Katy Mikelle. ... it could change his mind. maybe one day he and i will be together.i guess only time will tell.


Sad Poems - Sad Love Poems - We Were Meant To Be by Justice. Time is ... My bf and I have had 4 kids and have been together for about 12 yrs. on and off.


Meant poetry: ... My reality deceives the truth that you and I were once meant to be. I overlook, my .... Unveiling ourselves and discovering each other together.


the greatest I love you poems, free submission poems. ... (THIS POEM IS DEDICATED TO MY BABY TIMMY) .... We are meant to be together, now and forever.