The Medical Education Committee (MEC) and its subcommittees assume a wide range of responsibilities that were outlined to assure the quality of medical ...


The Office of Medical Education consists of an interdisciplinary team of academic, technical, and administrative employees who deliver centralized expertise, ...


The Centre for Medical Education (CME) in Dundee has over 30 years of experience of delivering courses for health care professionals. We pride ourselves in ...


Sep 28, 2018 ... The Office of Medical Education manages, coordinates, and evaluates the curriculum while providing educational support and services to ...


The Medical Education Scholars (MES) program provides opportunities for participants to develop a foundational understanding of the education literature while ...


WFME is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation aiming to achieve higher quality of medical education through accreditation and promoting standards.


Feature. Why can't the NHS value junior staff the way top companies do? Published 26 October 2016. News. Reduce NHS's reliance on migrants, HEE is told.


ClinicalKey Medical Education is the next-generation medical learning platform, making it easier for students to study and turn information into knowledge.


Weill Cornell Medical College is dedicated to the highest principles of liberal education, spirited inquiry, collaborative learning and individual initiative.