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In modern usage, insanity is most commonly encountered as an informal unscientific term denoting mental instability, or in the narrow legal context of the insanity defense. In the medical profession the term is now avoided in favor of diagnoses of specific psychiatric diseases; the presence of delusions or hallucinations is ...


Jul 27, 2009 ... I hear this every week, sometimes twice a day: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." No, it isn't.


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The insanity defense is one of th emost controversial defenses. Additionally, it has one of the lowest success rates among all criminal defenses. Knowing about the insanity defense and when this defense may apply has the potential to help a criminal defendant who may be able to assert this defense. Definition of Insanity


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I have schizophrenia, which is what people typically think of as "insane," and I have been delusional/psychotic/paranoid before, and yes, I've been medically labeled. It depends upon which mental illness a person has, and I cannot speak for everyone. That said, there are definitely times when a person who is psychotic  ...


As most physicians rarely go into the legal aspects of the question of crime and insanity, I thought I would briefly present the following data, which I gathered recently while acting as chief alienist for the court in a celebrated case of homicide. I will not dwell long on the medical factors, as I have presented these elsewhere.


Dec 20, 2011 ... The term insane is outdated parlance in the mental health community. No legitimate medical or clinical professional would be caught dead saying it in public. It's a legal term. A defendant may be found not guilty by reason of insanity if his or her lawyer can provide clear and convincing evidence that he/she ...


Article shared by. The concept of insanity differs from medical to legal, and it is not that every form of insanity or madness which is recognised by law is a sufficient evidence to excuse. A man may be suffering from some form of insanity in the sense in which the term is used by medical men but may not be suffering from ...