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Memory is the faculty of the mind by which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved. Memory is vital to experiences and related to limbic systems, it is the ...


Define memory: the power or process of reproducing or recalling what has been learned and retained especially through… — memory in a sentence.


Memory makes us. If we couldn't recall the who, what, where, and when of our everyday lives, we wouldn't be able to function. We mull over ideas in the present  ...


Did you forget where you put your keys? It's normal to forget things, but it can be a sign of memory problems. Read more on memory and memory loss.


Memory definition, the mental capacity or faculty of retaining and reviving facts, events, impressions, etc., or of recalling or recognizing previous experiences.


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For a time during the 1960s, it was hypothesized that all the cells of the human body were capable of storing memories, not only those in the brain, an idea ...


Definition of memory - the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information, something remembered from the past, the part of a computer in whic.


Memory is internal storage areas in the computer. The term memory identifies data storage that comes in the form of chips.