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The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America . .... Most of the troops in the 625-man United States Army were deployed facing – but ..... Neither the Convention which drafted the Constitution, nor the Congress ...


The Signing of the United States Constitution occurred on September 17, 1787, .... to meet the immediate needs of thirteen states with approximately four million people, ... Gouverneur Morris, author of the Constitution's closing endorsement.


Upon posing the question “Who Wrote the Constitution”, the answer given concerning the authorship of the Constitution will typically include a response ...


Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration of Independence, was serving as ambassador ... "Founding Fathers" often refers to people who contributed to the ...


Jan 31, 2017 ... It was Gouverneur Morris who put the finishing touches on the Constitution in 1787, and gave the words “We The People” to all Americans.


The men worked together all summer to draft the Constitution. The man who actually wrote it, meaning he put the pen to the paper, is Gouverneur Morris.


However, in the case of the Constitution, there is no one author. The Constitution was written as a group effort by the men who were present at the Constitutional ...


James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, with assistance from John Jay, wrote a series of essays to persuade people to ratify the Constitution. The 85 essays ...


Sep 16, 2013 ... One of the. Only six men signed both the Constitution and the Declaration of ... in 1776 are the same men who wrote the Constitution in 1787.