Metro One Telecommunications was a provider of directory assistance headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon with 35 call centers. History[edit]. In 1989, the company was founded by Patrick M. Cox and Kevin Anderson. ... reached an agreement to provide enhanced Directory Assistance services to Nextel Communications.


Metro One Telecommunications, Inc is a privately held company in Portland, OR .... Services; Information Retrieval Services Radiotelephone Communication ...


Metro One Telecommunications, Inc. (Metro One) is an operator of call centers and data management services. Metro One performs its outbound telesales ...


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In Q3/2018, Verizon's market share was at 34.91 percent. The wireless telecommunication market in the United States was worth an estimated 256 billion U.S. ...


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This server enables the completion of various desktop-management tasks to help administrators manage computers in the company's network effectively.