Michael Mukasey
Michael Mukasey is the former federal judge who became Attorney General of the United States in 2007. He succeeded the controversial Alberto Gonzales, who resigned following congressional investigations into his leadership of the Justice Department. Mukasey graduated from Columbia University in 1963 and then Yale Law School in 1967. He worked as an Assistant United States Attorney in New York from 1972 to 1976, serving as chief of his district's Official Corruption Unit from 1975-76. He was a More »
Born: July 28, 1941 (The Bronx, New York)


Michael Bernard Mukasey is a lawyer and former federal judge who served as the 81st Attorney ..... Questionnaire for Michael B. Mukasey, Attorney General Nominee · Balancing Democracy, Justice, and Security November 2009 speech at the ...


Michael B. Mukasey, of counsel to the firm, recently served as Attorney General of the United States, the nation's chief law enforcement officer. ... Read Full ...


Oct 10, 2018 ... Eighty-First Attorney General 2007-2009. Michael B. Mukasey was born on July 28, 1941 in the Bronx, New York. He earned his bachelor's ...


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Michael B. Mukasey was nominated September 17, 2007, by President George W. Bush to be Attorney General of the United States. He was confirmed by the ...


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Nov 7, 2018 ... Michael B. Mukasey was U.S. attorney general from 2007 to 2009. Serving as U.S. attorney general is the honor and the challenge of a lifetime.