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Midcentral Operating Engineers Health & Welfare Fund.


Fund Contact & Plan Information. Plan Name. Mid Central Operating Engineers Health and Welfare Fund. Plan Numbers. The Plan serial number assigned to this Plan by the Board of Trustees pursuant to instructions of the Internal Revenue Service is 501. The Employer Identification Number (EIN) assigned to the Board of ...


Apr 9, 2014 ... Please Note: Employer Contribution Rates only reflect contributions that the Health & Welfare Fund collect. Should you be in question regarding other Industry Fund, Wages, or Special Agreements, please contact your Local Union.


Health and Welfare Fund. Affordable health care coverage today is a major concern for all of us. As an active participant in the Midwest Operating Engineers Health and Welfare Plan, you and your family receive substantial medical benefits. You are able to enjoy such a high level of benefits because of the cooperative ...


MID CENTRAL OPERATING ENGINEERS HEALTH & WELFARE FUND. Another advantage of union membership is the availability of group health benefits. Local 841 members are covered under a group health benefit plan that is fully funded by contributions from participating employers. Benefits are available to all active ...