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Resources Code, § 30103), it is subject to development restrictions imposed by the California Coastal Act of 1976 (§ 30000 et seq., the Act). In 1965, the State of California acquired from Mills an approximately 28-acre piece of the 51 acres for freeway use (the Caltrans parcel). After abandonment of its coastal freeway plan,  ...


Upending decades of common practice in water management and building in the state of Washington, the Washington Supreme Court found Whatcom County violated the state's Growth Management Act. Whatcom County used the Department of Ecology's Nooksack Rule in evaluating permits for buildings and subdivisions ...


Baldwin, et al.; Ethel Brightful; Equity Case 6513, Brothers, et al. v. Barnes, et al.; Estate of George R. Baumgardner; B&O Railroad file includes plats; B&O railroad -public relations committee; Case 15 February Tem 1937 Baltimore Paint & Color Works, Inc. v. John W. Beard; Judgment-Annie R. Byers; Estate of Thomas A.


differences in water and soil chemistry of nearby situated lakes were attributed to heterogeneities of bed- .... Stainton et al. [33] on a Cenco autoanalyzer. ... ing to Lazrus et al. [17], chloride was determined according to Kahn [14] on the auto- analyzer. Total phosphorus (TP) was measured according to Vogler [39], dissolved.


Oct 10, 1996 ... where b is the y-intercept of the voltage vs. temperature plot. The measurement of emf values at ... with distilled water, it was amalgamated by placing it in a saturated solution of mercurous nitrate for ten .... value of 0.67 V for Fe3+/Fe2+ in 0.5 M H2SO4 and Hill et al. cite 0.68 V for Fe3+/Fe2+ in 1.0 M H2SO4 ...