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Jun 7, 2016 ... It's time to look for loose change because some quarters produced in 1970 might be worth a pretty penny. A certain number of quarters produced in 1970 have a tiny misprint which makes them very valuable.

Jun 10, 2016 ... A rare batch of 1970 quarters are changing the game, with one offered up for $35000 on Ebay by rare coin dealer, Mike Beyers.


Descriptions and photos of best known State Quarter errors Broadstrike error, missing elements, blanks/planchets, missing clad layer, Wisconsin State Quarter error, etc. Good overview of error coins.


Feb 6, 2017 ... Iowa is the latest state honored in the U.S.. Mint's America the Beautiful Quarters ® Program with a coin depicting its Effigy Mounds National Monument.


Coin collectors appreciate rare coins because they may increase in value and can be an excellent investment. American state quarters are available in a wide variety of styles, and many of the designs incorporate images that feature elements, such as animals or flowers, that symbolize the states. Some of the coins contain ...


Jun 9, 2016 ... The listing on eBay says it was part of a group of proof coin errors made at a San Francisco mint that were auctioned by the state of California.


Nov 9, 2015 ... ... majority of these coins retain very little value. That is, unless you possess an error quarter! Although uncommon, misprinted Statehood Quarters are very real, and so is their increased value! This article will outline the history of the Statehood Quarter program and list some well-known and valuable errors.


Jun 9, 2016 ... Kerry Ventura excitedly tagged her Facebook friend Charles: “check your can.” Of course, there were plenty of skeptics posting their comments on the story, too, including John McCann. “What pyscho [sic] would pay $35,000 for a quarter? I saw a misprinted quarter […] This has got to be a joke,” he wrote.


Jun 6, 2016 ... CHICAGO -- The year 1970 may be your lucky number. Check your pockets for a quarter made that year, because it could be worth a lot of money. The coin is currently listed at $35000. According to reports, at least 22 people have expressed interested in the coin.