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Dec 14, 2017 ... Montoya laid out Arpaio's repeated press conferences, statements and publicity stunts related to the case: He pointed to a press conference where Arpaio showed the media photos of the dead dogs, and a Sheriff's Office-commissioned helicopter search for one dog from the house who had gone missing.


Dec 5, 2017 ... But he said Arpaio decided early on to turn the case into a publicity stunt. Montoya outlined the numerous press statements, press conferences and news releases dedicated to the case, highlighting one September 2014 conference in which Arpaio announced he was recommending charges.


Dec 6, 2017 ... PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona jurors who will decide a malicious-prosecution trial against former Sheriff Joe Arpaio were told Tuesday that one of Sen. ... Flake during the testimony so far came when Montoya asked Arpaio whether he knew that making a criminal case against the son of a U.S. senator would ...


Dec 15, 2017 ... Montoya said the federal judge in the case said during the trial he wouldn't enter a final judgment until lawyers for Arpaio and the county explain a failure to turn over documents in the case. "We will access our future options in this fight when the county complies with the court's order," Montoya said.


Nov 24, 2017 ... A federal lawsuit set to go to trial next month marks the latest legal action brought against former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio over allegations that he pursued a ... Stephen Montoya, an attorney for Austin Flake and his former wife, Logan Brown, said the sheriff's office didn't have evidence showing his clients ...


Nov 25, 2017 ... Arpaio conducted surveillance on the senator's home and examined Austin Flake's phone records in a bid to tie the incident to Jeff Flake, according to the lawsuit. Stephen Montoya, an attorney for Austin Flake and his former wife, said, “ It splashed their names across the internet as the murderers of 21 dogs ...


Jun 19, 2015 ... Flake et al v. Arpaio et al (2:15-cv-01132), Arizona District Court, Filed: 06/19/ 2015 - PacerMonitor Mobile Federal and Bankruptcy Court PACER Dockets.


Aug 2, 2016 ... Logan Flake, Plaintiff, represented by Stephen G. Montoya , Montoya Jimenez & Pastor PA & Richard J. Trujillo , Rader Lucero, PLLC. Joseph Arpaio, Defendant, represented by Jeffrey S. Leonard , Sacks Tierney PA. Ava J Arpaio, Defendant, represented by Jeffrey S. Leonard , Sacks Tierney PA. County of ...


Jan 25, 2008 ... Joe Arpaio's deputies placed "hold" on U.S. Citizen Israel Correa, failed to inform ICE. Stephen Lemons ... Arpaio has officers cross-trained as ICE agents, and they can place an immigration hold. But that ... Correa told me that he's already lawyered up, with local legal beagle Steve Montoya. Will this ...