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Natalya V. Likhanova and Irina Lijanova. Additional information is available ..... Erfurt et al. studied the performance of hydrogen-bond-rich ILs obtained from D- Glucose, where chloroalcohols were ..... Calderon-Morales et al. carried out the one-pot conversion of phenylhydrazine and ketone to the indole. The Fischer indole ...


Feb 17, 2014 ... The synthesis and characterization of a library of imidazolium-based compounds of the type. [R1R2R3im]Br (R1 = H, CH3, benzyl (Bz), 1-(2,3,4,5,6-pentafluoro) benzyl (BzF5); R2 = H, CH3, C2H5; R3 = n-butyl, n-octyl) are reported. All compounds were characterized by means of 1H and 13C NMR ...


This bicomponent catalyst system is robust, air stable, cheap, and free of organic solvent. Some composite catalyst systems have been reported, which have been widely applied in the processes of a regiospecific Fischer indole reaction, the protection of carbonyls, Diels–Alder reactions, and the fixation of CO2. Zhang et al.


Citations célèbres par auteur > les meilleures maximes par auteur . Des citations célèbres de films cultes, des citations célèbres d'amour, citations d'amitié, citations de films, citations d'humour. Des citations d'hommes et d'auteurs célèbres et proverbes connus. Des phrases connues et maximes celèbres. Citation de film ...


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May 7, 2004 ... Kylee F. Fazende , Manysa Phachansitthi , Josué D. Mota-Morales , John A. Pojman. Journal of ... F. I. Danilov , V. S. Protsenko , A. A. Kityk , D. A. Shaiderov , E. A. Vasil'eva , U. Pramod Kumar , C. Joseph Kennady. Protection of .... Amhamed Assanosi , Mohamed M. Farah , Joseph Wood , Bushra Al-Duri.