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In May 1993, appellant Kristine Gerwell, appellee Michelle Moran, and Suzette Dooley entered into a written partnership agreement (hereinafter “1993 agreement”) to form The Sunrise Group, a partnership created for the purpose of purchasing and managing a professional office building. In general, the 1993 agreement ...


Sep 27, 2005 ... collective bargaining agreement, see Bull v. United States, 65 ... Off Duty; Reasonableness of. Time Claimed; Applicable. Statute of Limitations. ) JOHN W. BULL, ET AL.,. ) ) Plaintiffs,. ) ) v. ) ) THE UNITED STATES, ... Christian J. Moran, with whom were Peter D. Keisler, Assistant Attorney General, David.


Apr 22, 2011 ... The resulting effect of NAC is an elevation of extracellular glutamate levels, which are reduced during protracted cocaine withdrawal (Baker et al., 2002, 2003; Kau et al., 2008; Madayag et al., 2007; Melendez et al., 2005; Moran et al., 2005). This “normalization” of extracellular glutamate levels restores ...


291-303. Dooley et al., 1988. J.F. Dooley, R.J. McBroom, T. Taguchi, L. MacnabNerve root infiltration in the diagnosis of radicular pain. Spine, 13 (1988), pp. 79-83. Doran and Ratcliffe, 1954 ... Downie et al., 1978. W.W. Downie, P.A. Leatham, V.M. Rhind, V. Wright, J.A. Branco, J.A. AndersonStudies with pain rating scales.


Nov 27, 2002 ... The NOP and the classical opioid receptors resemble each other with respect to the transduction mechanisms, i.e. inhibition of adenylyl cyclase (Hawes et al., 2000) and of voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels and activation of voltage- dependent K+ channels (Moran et al., 2000). However, the NOP receptor ...


1 Geoffrion R, Gebhart J, Dooley Y, Bent A,. Dandolu V, Meeks R, et al. The mind's scalpel in surgical education: a randomised controlled trial of mental imagery. BJOG 2012;119: 1040–8. 2 Moran A, Guillot A, Macintyre T, Collet C. Re -imagining motor imagery: building bridges between cognitive neuroscience and sport.


Isaac H. Aldrich vs. Joseph B. Mackin & John Webb. Supreme Court 1850. Jacob Smith vs. Jabez Felt et al. Supreme Court 1852. Elizabeth Hinckley vs. Robert Porter & Nelson Clark. Supreme Court 1852. John Steward Jr. vs Solon Peck et al. Supreme Court 1852. Masterton Ure, et al vs. Allen S. Benson. Supreme Court  ...


Dooley. Summers v. Dooley 94 Idaho 87, 481 P.2d 318 (1971). Facts: Summers and Dooley owned a trash collecting business. Dooley became unable to work and hired an employee to take his place. A few years later, Summers talked to Dooley about hiring a third employee. Even though Dooley refused, Summers hired ...


Writings by Justice Thomas. grouped by type, in alphabetical order by first party name. [ Opinions | Concurrences | Dissents | Concur in part, dissent in part ]. M&G POLYMERS USA, ET AL. v. TACKETT, HOBERT F., ET AL. , , 01/26/15. Opinions. *NOTICE: This opinion is subject to formal revision before publication in the pr ...