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Our recipes highlight the intense, earthy flavor of these popular wild mushrooms. Try a spring pasta with morels, morel cream sauce, morel tarts and more.


Morels are one of the most delicious signs of spring, and with just a little work, they're incredibly easy to prepare and cook. Here are the basic steps to get them ready for the frying pan, and then what to do to make them as delicious as possible.


Apr 20, 2015 ... One of the first mushrooms to arrive in the spring, morels are treasured for their woodsy flavor. They have a relatively short growing season, so we like to use them as much as we can during that period of early spring when they are available. We've rounded up some of our favorite morel mushroom recipes.


The rich, meaty flavor of fresh morel mushrooms is enhanced by a simple pan- frying technique.


Jul 1, 2014 ... Spring veggies shine in Morel Mushroom and Asparagus Sauté. In this side dish, we used both white and green asparagus. Blanching the asparagus first.


This penne recipe is packed with mushrooms and shrimp. Make it in the springtime when morel mushrooms are in season.


A recipe for fried morel mushrooms, a classic way to eat them in the Midwest. My method is where you flour the morels, dip them in egg, then flour again.


Consider this page as your own personal Mushroom Cookbook. So head a bowl of yellow morels for the kitchen, grab the butter, heat up the skillet, or fire up the grill. The Great Morel wishes to thank everyone who has contributed to this cookbook, which contains some of the finest mushroom recipes you may ever find.


Below are ten of my favorite easy morel mushroom recipes. Have them with eggs for breakfast, fish for dinner, on top of pasta, or in a versatile sauce. There's something for everyone, from a simple fry to tasty stuffed mushrooms. You can use olive oil in place of all the butter in these morel recipes. Yet if morels are a seasonal ...