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Morel mushroom season is early spring in Pure Michigan. Like most mushroom hunters, guest blogger Joshua Nowicki prefers to keep the locations of his favorite spots to himself. However, we were able to get Joshua to share some tips and tricks of the hunt with us. Read about his adventures below. Elusive and delicious ...


Apr 14, 2017 ... Morel mushrooms are making their annual appearance in southern Michigan, working their way up north with the advance of spring. Several foragers have posted pictures of their finds on social networking media, including Facebook sites such as Michigan Morels, Michigan Morel Mushrooms and similar ...


Apr 7, 2017 ... After years of hunting for morel mushrooms, Eric LaPaugh, owner of Leelanau Adventures has a lot of experience looking for the tasty morsels. Try these six tips for finding morel mushrooms in Northern Michigan. Timing is everything. Morels grow best in spring, mid-April to late May, when the daytime ...


Morels may be the best known wild mushrooms in Michigan and are hunted by hundreds of thousands of people. They are delicious, easy to correctly identify, find, and generally safe to eat. The fruiting period of morel mushrooms is from late April until mid-June, but the best hunting is in May. A warm, moist spring is best for ...

May 11, 2014 ... How To Find Morel Mushrooms Early Season in Michigan. MiWilderness .... If this is Michigan then I'm thinking I should be able to find them in southwest Va about the first part of April depending on temperature. ... Okay, so is it early for morels 4/ 19 in southern Indiana?...you seem to have more vegetation.


Michigan Morels morel mushrooms. Information for morels,ramps or wild leeks, Boletes, Lobster, Chanterelle, Meadow, hen-of-the-woods and other wild mushrooms.


Please note that this map may provide details on the covertype that was burned; it's up to the user to investigate whether morel mushrooms will grow at any location included in the map. A location's inclusion on this map does not mean morels will be at the area identified. Additionally, the Michigan Department of Natural ...


Apr 14, 2016 ... With a few black morels in already, the season is on. And there are many more mushrooms to come through summer and fall.


Michigan Morels, Detroit, MI. 46K likes. Enjoying, hunting, loving, and eating Morels and other wild mushrooms.