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2. 521974. ABREGO IRAHETA, RAUL ALEXANDER. WEALD GREEN. $577.00. 2. 553332 ..... $603.10. 2. 483750. ARMSTRONG, BELINDA V ...... MORELAND, GABRIEL ELIAS. PARK. $1,108.10 ...... PETRY, TAIJA MARISSA. HIGH CREST.


Sep 12, 2015 ... It was May 7, 2013, and Louisius, 19, a new inmate, was slammed in the back of his ... to suffer a beating by gang members in Florida's youthful offender prisons. ..... The DOC investigator asked Petrey what “a Buck 50” meant. ... Oct. 2, 2010: One inmate beats another inmate with a broom even after the ...


However, seldom do inmates receive positive reinforcement for engaging in prosocial ... frequency of the behavior (Stitzer & Petry 2006; Bigelow & Silverman 1999). ... and instead actively involves community members (often active or potential study ..... substance abuse treatment compared to male ST subjects ( 72.8% vs.


ACTIVE THEFT WARRANTS. 9/2/2018. AS OF: JURIS: DISP/DATE: CASE#. NAME: 2017 CR B .... 1 2313.02(A)(3) THEFT BY DECEPTION. G. 4/4/17. LKA:.


This document contains a two-part report on Offender Incentives and ... This review sets the stage for Part 2 which contains a discussion of measurement, policy ... that essentially fall into punishment versus incentive and treatment efforts. .... previous history of violence and other background factors, membership was found to ...