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The Association is a nonprofit corporation organized under New Jersey law for the administration and management of the Woodhaven Condominium (the " Condominium") pursuant to the New Jersey Condominium Act (the " Condominium Act"), N.J.S.A. 46:8B-1 et seq. (Complaint ¶ 2). Mr. Gittleman is a unit owner in the ...


2008-CA-007106. JP MORGAN MORTGAE ACQUISITION CORP v. DOE, JANE , et al. RF. Reopen. AK. 2008-CA-011623. WELLS FARGO BANK NA, et al. v. SANCHEZ ... TENANT # 3, et al. RF. Reopen. AA. 2008-CA-024041. BANK OF NEW YORK v. WABURTON VILLAGE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION INC, et al. RF.


1 § 1350 et seq.) (the act) and our Supreme Court's decision in Nahrstedt v. Lakeside Village Condominium Association, Inc. (1994) 8 Cal.4th 361, 380-389, even ... The declaration's preamble provides in part, "All of the limitations, restrictions, reservations, rights, easements, conditions and covenants herein shall run with ...


Plaintiffs sought a preliminary injunction restraining a condominium homeowners association from enforcing certain rules plaintiffs contended unreasonably .... no obligation at all on the Association. Such an illusory agreement would be not enforceable. (See Farnsworth, Contracts (2d. ed. 1990) § 2.13, p. 106 et seq.).


Thomas J. Chantiles was an elected member of the board of directors of the Lake Forest II Master Homeowners Association (the Association). .... corporation under section 7110 et seq. (Sproul & Rosenberry, [37 Cal.App.4th 922] supra, § 1.9, p. 9 .) The homeowners association is governed by a board of directors. (§ 7210.) ...


Plaintiff Sunrise Country Club Association, Inc. (the Association) is a nonprofit corporation in the nature of a homeowners' association and is the managing body of ... Attached to the recorded notice was a copy of the Association Rules ( Rules) which provided in relevant part that all of tract 5031 except for the enumerated lots ...


The trial court ordered The Churchill and the Board give all the members [166 Cal.App.4th 116] notice of the existence of the slab penetrations and of the fact that they represent a fire hazard; and call a General Meeting of the Homeowners Association, with experts in attendance, to explain the situation to the members and ...


Sep 15, 2007 ... ANDERSON, JAMES E ETAL. MORGAN DISTRICT. 1-67 A. (Keystone Industrial Company). DB-95 P-217. ANDERSON, DEREK. MORGAN & UNION .... CLINTON DISTRICT. D-9 B 12/11/2003 vs. Francis J. Rice, Delorice B. Rice,. Roy S. Danley Jr., Erma J. Danley and Frank G. Cox Jr. (Civil Action No.


Dec 31, 2012 ... Listed in order are the plaintiff, defendant, judgment amount, and case number for foreclosure sales, which will occur online at 9 a.m. for Sarasota County and ... JP Morgan Chase Bank NA vs. ..... River Plantation Homeowners Association Inc. et al, 359,418.36, 12578-E 23rd St., Parrish, 2009 CA 011731.