Morning is the period of time from sunrise to noon. There are no exact times for when morning begins and ends because they can vary according to one's ...


Morning definition is - dawn. How to use morning in a sentence.


Morning definition, the first part or period of the day, extending from dawn, or from midnight, to noon. See more.


morning (plural mornings) ... one o'clock in the morning (1 am). (figuratively) The early part of anything. The first alcoholic drink of the day; a morning draught.


British National Corpus. Spoken Corpus Frequency. Rank popularity for the word 'morning' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #541. Written Corpus Frequency.


morning definition: 1. the part of the day from the time when the sun rises or you wake up until the middle of the day or lunch time: 2. during the early part of the ...


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