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Keywords: Breathing patterns, Doppler radar, respiration rate, tidal volume ... George et al., [3] have already discussed the importance of respiratory rate as well as associating ... Sections V & VI discuss the parameters measured and concluding remarks are given in Section VII. ...... [23] Mosby, Mosby's Medical Dictionary.


Mar 1, 2019 ... (12)Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Alabama, ... if survival is improved by lidocaine vs placebo and/or by amiodarone vs ...


Jan 9, 2015 ... Real-time respiratory measurement with Doppler Radar has an ... also been associated with certain psychosomatic conditions [3] all of which, ...


A combination of in situ ship measurements, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) ... However, these are of second order and can often be neglected (Alpers et al. ... measurements from the research vessel (R/V) Håkon Mosby of the University of ...


This paper presents an evaluation of the of use of microwave Doppler radar for ... George et al., [3] have already discussed the impor- ... although respiratory tidal v olume has been deducted using ...... [23] Mosby, Mosby's Medical Dictionary.


A combination of in situ ship measurements, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) ... (R/ V) Håkon Mosby of the University of Bergen during ... ation Mesoscale Model ( MM5; Dudhia 1993; Grell et al. 1994). Analyses from ECMWF were used for the.


Jun 15, 1991 ... face wind, waves, and ocean surface currents (Beal et al.,. [1981]; see .... The ship tracks obtained with R/V H•kon Mosby during the flights are.


Mosby. Edinburgh • London • New York • Oxford • Philadelphia • St Louis • Sydney • Toronto. 2004 ...... Perna NT, Plunkett G, Burland V, et al. Genome sequence ...


Apr 15, 1998 ... Watch'95 [Johannessen et al., 1996], was carried out off the southwest coast of ... vessel (R/V) Hdkon Mosby of the University of Bergen, and.