California v. ... Ross, for purposes of discovery and trial. ... Amicus Brief of the Brennan Center for Justice, et al. in Support of Plaintiffs (July 24, 2018) ... of Central Valley Immigrant Integration Collaborative, United Farm Worker Foundation, ...


Finally, the plaintiffs allege that Secretary Ross and the Acting Director of the ... Amicus Brief of the Brennan Center for Justice, et al. in Support of Plaintiffs ...


Case reassigned to Judge Richard Seeborg for all further proceedings. ... Summons Issued as to Ron Jarmin, Wilbur Ross, Jr, U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. ...... United Farm Workers Foundation, National Immigration Law Center, et al. filed by ... Community Water Center, Central Valley Immigrant Integration Collaborative, ...


Cooperatives and Fishery Sectors 51 ...... Mothership pollock harvests, CDQ included, 1999 to 2009. ...... fleet of nine to twelve catcher-vessels each year, but ... search for new food sources (Alverson et al. 1964). .... half of the world's gross tonnage of such vessels. ...... fishing season, the F/V Sea Dancer sank with the loss.


Jan 1, 2004 ... V. Conservation Through Collusion in Other Contexts . .... See Daniel Pauly et al., Fishing Down Marine Food Webs, 279 Sci. .... cooperative institutions as well as the impact of antitrust concerns on the ...... A "mothership" processor is ... FISHERIES TECHNICAL PAPER 215, 216 (Ross Shotton ed., 2000).


Nov 1, 2017 ... Characterization of the Pacific Coast Groundfish fleet ... Short-tailed alabatross population estimates on Torishima and ... Streamer line and longline sink profile ( Gladics et al. .... delivering to at-sea mothership processors (referred to as the ..... This project is a collaborative research project with the fishing ...


Mar 25, 2016 ... v. List of Tables. Table 1. Estimated spawning stock biomass in metric tons in the Columbia ..... Since the 2010 status review (Gustafson et al.


deep-ocean, since the late 1960s (Bailey et al. ... in pelagic habitats are rare; however, Heagney et al. ... discarded by fishery fleets and that seabirds consume ...... Bailey DM, Wagner HJ, Jamieson AJ, Ross MF, Priede IG ...... y/v. Thus, for the fish to arrive at the bait, the following must be true: x/w + y/v ≤ T or y ≤ vT – vx/w.


M/V master vessel. Magnuson-. Stevens. Act. Magnuson-Stevens Fishery ..... fur seals in the previously unoccupied Pribilof Islands (Black et al.1999). ... their long fur was never the same as it was before the Depression (Ross Oliver 1988). ..... The American fleet started fishing for red king crab near Adak and Dutch Harbor in ...