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et al. [ 10 ] before repeat biopsy. At the same laboratory, fresh urine samples were processed and ... its applied biopsy scheme (i.e. extended vs saturation).


Jun 1, 2016 ... Other SABs were classified as healthcare associated or community acquired according to the definition proposed by Friedman et al.


Jun 25, 2015 ... Email the author S. Napolitano .... With the aim to analyse and compare derivative vs no derivative surgical .... Peng et al., in 2004 described the “binding pancreaticojejunostomy” ... PD is one of the most complicated surgical procedures, defined from Moussa as “The Cadillac of abdominal surgery” [33][33] .


Sep 15, 2015 ... (2011), Brisset and Hnatiuc (2012) and Lukes et al. ..... concentration of the investigated pharmaceutical (in g/L), V is the solution volume (in L), ...


Jun 10, 2014 ... et al. [9] reported 98 pregnant women with CKD; PE occurred in. 20.8% (21/98) of ... an extremely premature delivery rate of 77.8% versus 3.3%. (p< 0.001) .... 8. Maruotti GM, Sarno L, Napolitano R, Mazzarelli LL, Quaglia F, Capone. A, et al. ... 9. Alsuwaida A, Mousa D, Al-Harbi A, Alghonaim M, Ghareeb S,.


Feb 22, 2014 ... et al. [41] introduced measures of correlation using the relative entropy [55], ...... [ 6] K. Modi, A. Brodutch, H. Cable, T. Paterek, and V. Vedral .... [49] N. G. de Almeida, R. Napolitano, and M. H. Y. Moussa,. Phys. Rev. A 62 ...


v, which gives to the reaction rate R = ρL = ρq (πχ/ǫ0m). 1/2 ...... [15] N. G. de Almeida, R. Napolitano, and M. H. Y. Moussa, Phys. Rev. A 62 ... [19] D. F. V. James et al., in Photonic Quantum Computing, Proceedings of SPIE 3076, edited by.


Spahr A,; Klein E,; Khuseyinova N,; et al ... Al-Shammari KF,; Al-Ansari JM,; Moussa NM,; Ben-Nakhi A,; Al-Arouj M,; Wang HL ... Offenbacher S,; Katz V,; Fertik G,; et al ... Genuit T,; Bochicchio G,; Napolitano LM,; McCarter RJ,; Roghman MJ.


... Akporiaye ET, Al-Rubeai M, Albaiceta GM, Albanese C, Albani D, Albert ML, ... Arsov I, Asanuma K, Askanas V, Asselin E, Atarashi R, Atherton SS, Atkin JD, ..... Mottet D, Mottram JC, Moussa CE, Mpakou VE, Mukhtar H, Mulcahy Levy JM, ... Napolitano G, Naqvi NI, Nardacci R, Narendra DP, Narita M, Nascimbeni AC, ...