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The Three Faces of Eve is a 1957 American mystery drama film presented in CinemaScope, based on a book by psychiatrists Corbett H. Thigpen and Hervey M. Cleckley, who also helped write the screenplay. It was based on their case of Chris Costner Sizemore, also known as Eve White, a woman they suggested might ...


Drama · A doctor treats a woman suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. .... the racy, wild, fun-loving Eve Black. Under continued therapy, yet a third personality appears, the relatively stable Jane. This film, based on the true-life case of a multiple personality, chronicles Dr. Luther's attempts to reconcile the three faces of Eve. multiple personalities. Written by A.L.Beneteau <albl@ inforamp.net>.


Aug 5, 2016 ... At the start of the 1957 movie “The Three Faces of Eve,” the British-born journalist Alistair Cooke, who narrates the film, appears on camera to tell viewers that the incredible tale they are about to see is a true story — not suggested by or based on something that happened, but a facsimile of actual events.

Apr 24, 2013 ... Joanne Woodward (Mr. & Mrs. Bridge; The Long, Hot Summer) received the Best Actress Academy Award® for her riveting portrayal of a woman cursed with three distinct personalities in THE THREE FACES OF EVE, written, produced and directed by Nunnally Johnson (The Man Who Understood Women; ...


Jul 29, 2016 ... Georgia psychiatrists who had treated her published her life story as a book, which led to the blockbuster movie.


Overview of The Three Faces of Eve, 1957, directed by Nunnally Johnson, with Joanne Woodward, David Wayne, Lee J. Cobb, at Turner Classic Movies.


Amazon.com: The Three Faces of Eve: Joanne Woodward, David Wayne, Lee J. Cobb, Edwin Jerome, Alena Murray, Nancy Kulp, Douglas Spencer, Terry Ann Ross, Ken Scott, Mimi Gibson, Alistair Cooke, Vince Edwards, Stanley Cortez, Nunnally Johnson, Marjorie Fowler, Corbett Thigpen, Hervey M. Cleckley: Movies  ...


Oct 5, 2004 ... Movie Info. When Alistair Cooke shows up to introduce Three Faces of Eve, we know that the fact-based story will bear more than a little fidelity to truth. Joanne Woodward won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Eve, a young Georgia housewife suffering from multiple personalities. Eve's husband ...


Mar 27, 1989 ... More than three decades ago, Sizemore provided the model for the 1957 movie The Three Faces of Eve, in which Joanne Woodward played timid “Eve White,” flamboyant “Eve Black” and practical “Jane”—three separate selves battling for control of one young woman. Eve's—and Sizemore's—struggle was ...