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By sending multiple queries to several other search engines this extends the search coverage of the topic and allows more information to be found. They use the indexes built by other search engines, aggregating and often post-processing results in unique ways. A metasearch engine has an advantage over a single search ...


Multisearch is a way to take advantage of the power of multiple search engines with a flexibility not seen in traditional metasearch engines. To the end user, a multisearch may appear to be just a customizable search engine; however, its behind-the-scenes technology enables it to put a face to the search process and to ...


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May 20, 2016 ... There are multiple search engines out there, but you can use them at the same time more effectively. Read on to know how exactly you can do that.


MetacrawlerSemElevatedMedia combines search results from top authority sites and search engines like Google and Yahoo! to deliver the best search experience on the web.


Some of these sites (also known as metasearch engines) let you search several search engines all at once; others list many search engines on a single page ( these are sometimes called all-in-one pages). Dogpile · Excite - Searches several search engines; also a portal service ...


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Virtual Search Engines DigiSearch. Net tool that allows simultaneous queries to many popular search engines while allowing you specify a maximum search time . Virtual Search Dogpile Multi Search Engine Will simultaneously search multiple search engines and Usenet Newsgroups. Searches logically through several ...


Have you ever been looking for something but didn't know where to find it? If that something is online, then your search is over (or just about to begin). The following are 40 advanced and alternative search engines that you can use to find just about anything on the Internet.