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A maternal insult is a reference to a person's mother through the use of phrases such as "your ... When visually depicted, "your mom" is usually ugly, neglected or absurdly obese. These attributes are also seen in the ... e.g. "Your mom is so fat,.. .", but sometimes occur later within the joke or even deliver the punchline itself.


"Yo momma's so fat, even Dora can't explore her." ... We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the funniest "Yo Momma" joke they've ever heard. Here are  ...


Yo mama so fat she left the house in high heels and when she came back she had on flip flops. Yo mama so fat she sat on an iPhone and turned it into an iPad


Mar 12, 2015 ... Yo mama so fat when she goes out in high heels she comes back in slippers. 2. Yo momma is so fat, I took a picture of her last Christmas and ...


Yo Mama Jokes – A page solely dedicated to yo mama jokes. Skinny or stupid, rich or poor, old or lazy and ugly yo mama jokes. Find them all here.


Comedy Central Jokes - - Yo' mama so fat, that when she wears a yellow rain jacket, people think she's a taxi cab.


Oct 27, 2014 ... Your mom's so ugly, your dad takes her to work with him every day so he doesn't have to kiss her goodbye. 8. Your mom is so fat I have to ...

Jul 26, 2013 ... 100 YO MAMA JOKES ▻ http://bit.ly/1L6J9Ev 100 MORE YO MAMA ... Yo momma so fat her idea of dieting is deleting the cookies from the ...


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