A municipal bond, commonly known as a Muni Bond, is a bond issued by a local government or territory, or one of their agencies. It is generally used to finance ...


Investing in municipal bonds may offer a tax-free income stream, but such bonds are not without risks. Check out the types of bonds and the risk factors of ...


Municipal bonds are debt obligations issued by public entities that use the loans to fund public projects such as the construction of schools, hospitals, and ...


Municipal bonds are loans to city or state governments. They're tax-free, and usually safe. But you need to know the risks before you invest.


2 days ago ... Everything is pricey in the San Francisco Bay area—even municipal bonds. High prices are a good thing if you're a seller, like Sophia Skoda.


Municipal bonds (or “munis” for short) are debt securities issued by states, cities, counties and other governmental entities to fund day-to-day obligations and to ...


Apr 9, 2019 ... Muni bonds serve up income that's free from federal (and sometimes state and local) taxes. Here are 9 top municipal bond funds to check out.


Sep 6, 2017 ... Wall Street says you have to settle for the pathetic 2% yields most folks scrape by on from 10-year Treasuries, or your typical S&P 500 stock.


State and local governments issue bonds to pay for large, expensive, and long- lived capital projects, such as roads, bridges, airports, schools, hospitals, water ...